Creative Life

I invite you to a 28-day adventure with creativity. You will learn how to adjust to the Creative Energy of the Universe and exercise projects written by your own heart. In your creative process, you can find numerous blockades. You will learn specific techniques to free yourself from your inner critic and fear. I will inspire you to use meditation to active 100% of your creative potential.


Who can benefit from this course?


  • Dreamers
  • Development enthusiasts
  • People who want their life to be creative in line with their true self
  • Spiritual seekers
  • Artists
  • Freelancers who want to introduce more happiness and creativity in their everyday work

What will we be working on?

Module 1 – I am artist

Synchronization with the real YOU


In this module, we will be working on:

  • How to find your true self
  • Know the most important subjects and techniques of Creative Life
  • Curiosity
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Pleasure
  • Deepened contact with the Universe and invisible creative force in practice
  • Work with the inner critic
  • Map of desires of your real self
  • Discussions with the Creator

MODULE 2 – Artist gives up their self to the creative power

The world is waiting for you!

In this module, we will be working on:

  • Give the most beautiful part of yourself to the world
  • Discover treasures
  • Practical guidelines on creative process and its difficult moments
  • Techniques to integrate and activate YOUR POWER
  • Direct work on a project selected by you

ModULE 3 – I, the artist, act and reveal myself

Integrating techniques


In this module, we will be working on:

  • I know that the universe shows me the way
  • I act despite my fear
  • Coming to the world with the creation
  • Taming the impossible

participants about the course

For me, this course is like a journey to a fairytale land, one that is full of the magic of love, openness and curiosity, a land that is deep inside of me, a journey in the wonderful company of the marvelous guide Anna Heart


Thank you for letting me join you on this path, overcome barriers, expose myself and discover the creative power which leads us in all our actions. Thank you Ania Heart for this course, for your time and work, for your heart and wisdom, for reminding me about beauty. I feel that much has happened here, not only the obvious things, but also the subtle ones which I am only discovering myself right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


What did the course give me? Happiness, other me who bravely tries new, interesting things that I would run away from not so long ago. New vocabulary that is full of energy, such as curiosity, inspiration, liveliness, juiciness – words that used to be empty. Great motion of Heart. Happy worldview. Clarity, direction, ideas for actions.


About me

I received education as a psychotherapist at Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy in Great Britain, the Erickson Institute, Solution-focused Therapy (SFT.)

I have been a companion of journeys and spiritual awakening process, artist. I have been accompanying transformations for
12 years.

I created the space of Self Institute, in which you can use psychotherapy, clinical diagnosis and work with me during the Creative Life individual coaching.

I create my own Anna Heart brand, design, share spiritual practices which free us from fear and STRESS, and activate our Creative Life. I am in love with the one who Knows – the Creator. Mysticism and spiritual journey are parts of my everyday life.

Your investments

  • 3 modules
  • 28 days
  • Everyday morning and evening practice
  • Work techniques for your internal critic
  • Access to platform for one year
  • Inspiring creative tasks
  • Learning to build the new internal narration
  • Everyday contact with me, live at a closed FB group

Creative Life Course

One small step to freedom

PLN 790

Join me!


Join the path of inner beauty, open yourself up for awakening and taste a feminine essence in your heart. Join the newsletter to get news about the dates of the upcoming edition of Creative Life Course.


I will be present every day during this process, to inspire you and answer your questions. The strength of this course comes from a group process, which will give you the feeling of community of creative people.


Anna Heart

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