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“Your heart knows the way, Run in that direction”

– Rumi

You are LOVE!

Discover your spiritual power and open up
to Creative life to go through the path of beauty… choose love over fear.

Open up your heart


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My name is

Anna Heart

Welcome to Creative Life and the Way of Beauty.

I created the Anna Heart brand to share spiritual practices and techniques which enable the creative potential. I want to open up magic for you, lift you up to the starts. When working with me, you will discover your inner beauty…

I love being in places where I can smell coffee and creativity. I am inspired by sunsets, I love the smell of jasmine, cinnamon, ginger, musk and pepper.

Work with me

Travelling with me is full of surprises. You can discover the hidden beauty and explore the desires of your souls. You grow with joy. Working with me will allow you to leave your narrow, restrictive box to fresh air. You will finally be able to stretch your legs and breath – and in this space, you can create anything you wish. You will become a life’s true artist. Once and for all.







“I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlist makes you dance, strangers make you smile, and the night sky touches your soul. I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.


others about me

“Working with Ania was like a beautiful journey, full of surprises. The surprises that stay in us, that can be rarely seen. Ania has a great gift, which helps people discover these beautiful places. The result is fantastic creations, actions which we wouldn’t otherwise expect from ourselves, but they turn out to be the deep desire of our Soul. By making them come true, we grow; how beautifully and gladly we grow. I sincerely recommend Ania Heart to everybody who wants something more out of their life, and who is ready to see their gifts and talents, and show them to the world.”


“Companion of Ania, her support, help, introspection, is difficult to advertise, anybody who knows Ania knows what a luxury and vibrations there are when you use her experience, presence, and Bentley drives”.


“Ania has created a Temple of Women. It fits the whole of me, with my happiness, sadness, and everything that is alive in me at the moment. I used to do “various development stuff,” met many fantastic people, mentors. Now, as Ania beautifully called it, I have my “travel companion” and I am deeply thankful for everything I have been given by this Wonderful Woman. How she shows me what I sometimes can’t see so gently yet clearly. How she names what I have been struggling to name. How she infects me with her naturalness and femininity. How she inspires me to good changes, and what’s the most important, how I can FEEL all of this.”


“Every mentor or therapist can lead you to the place to which they arrived on their own. Ania is a happy woman, wife, mother, friend. She doesn’t hide away from anything, she opens her arms and invites life with all of its experiences. She went a long way to get back to herself and open up to her own truth.”



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