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How to tune up to the energy of love

The energy of love – how to tune up to it? Today’s recording will take you to the marvellous subject, into the journey to a conscious choice and taking the path of love instead of fear. In today’s episode you’ll get a meditation to synchronise you with the energy of love and some inspiration to support you in this great practice: the path of heart. Remember that you cannot force yourself to do anything, including forcing yourself to love. The pressure always comes from doubts that the love is already here, inside of your heart, even now. I invite you to another inspiration for the Creative Life. Yoga Bhakti says to give yourself up to the love of your heart.

Dance with it and you’ll feel a kiss from inside. Meditation is one of the ways to meet the love inside you.

All walls that you’ve built against love will perish in one moment, you can allow yourself to get closer to the loving presence. When you stop running away and repairing, your silent and loving heart will be exposed.

We are starting the practice. Prepare something to write, after today’s practice you’ll write down your creative thoughts.

Podcast in English will be available soon

If my inspirations are working for you, share them with others and let me know in the comments under this post. Getting to know you and the path of your heart fills me with joy.


With love

Anna Heart

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