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Everybody’s looking for happiness. I am sure that you are, too. I prepared two questions, which will change the way you look at life. Many years of working with suffering humans in a psychotherapeutic office made me realise that we are all looking for the same HAPPINESS.
Most of us get lost at the searching path. I too, for many years, haven’t realised what happiness is and where to look for it. The search led me to numerous psychotherapeutic training programmes, satsangs, to eventually experience that the only place where happiness can be found is the home of my heart. Focusing my attention to my inner self, I allowed myself to dismiss the search in the world, I dived into the inner Creator – the Mistress.
A great passion and joy of life appeared with no cause, no direction; a free dance. I experienced that I AM LIFE, love, fulfilment that I was looking for in the world. I found that part of myself which was untouched by suffering, a LOVING PRESENCE. Some time ago I realised that I had found what I was looking for by asking good questions and listening to my inner responses appropriately long and patiently. Today I want to give you these questions, which became a great support during transformation process from suffering to love; questions which change the way you see the reality.
1. Who am I?
2. What makes me alive, what is my calling?
At school, we were taught to look for logical and intellectual answers, but in real life this form of answers for the most vital of questions does not work. We need to experience answers with our hearts, be the answer, know it with all of our existence. Similarly it is in love, we can’t just listen stories by other people or their theories on what love is, we need to experience this state and then nobody has to tell us what it is; we know it with ourselves. Spiritual responses to the most important questions work the same way. You cannot find an answer in your logical brain, but you can find it at the bottom of your heart, at the very centre of You, with experience. This planet has seen numerous spiritual seekers who left some helpful guidelines, but these are only advices. The real search for answers that will satisfy you happens when you dive and tune up to your inner self. Two helpful guidelines to find the answers for the questions by your experiences:
Who am I? What is my calling?
1. Meditation of who I am
This practice is inspired by Adwaita of MASTER Ramana Maharshi and invites us to ask ourselves a question: who am I, except of a mother? Who am I, except of a woman? …feel what appears, who am I, except of a daughter? Who am I, except of a wife?
By asking such questions, you are eventually left with the loving Presence and the feeling that you can say nothing about yourself that is 100% true; the space that you discover between you (Existence) and roles that you play becomes your spiritual relax from all forms of the world, it is an invitation to discover that your essence is pure, free Consciousness, a witness to all events; you get to know “one taste” of a single consciousness. What a relief, what a joy to discover the depth of Life with your heart, your true face.
2. How to discover your calling?
Jesus said, “if you release what is inside of you to the world, it will free you; if you won’t, it will destroy you.” What does it mean? You were gifted will talents and natural gifts which live inside of your individual personality. Your spiritual obligation is to acknowledge and develop these talents. If you don’t know them, you can sign up for my session of Creative Life and I will help you to name, feel and blossom in this area. A good step towards wider consciousness is taking a test in the Gallup institute to get to know your intellectual strengths. This may surprise you. Your individual talents need to be felt inside you energetically and activated in action in your everyday life in order to accomplish that you need to acknowledge them and free yourself from locks that were acquired against your own power. However, you do not have to wait for anything, you can open to support in execution of your highest potential. Our gifts flourish most easily when we give our individual features to a force bigger than ourselves, to the Universe, when we give what is the most beautiful in us.
The whole society teaches us to choose a profession that gives us money and survival. This idea is based on fear, it will leave you with sadness. The basic question that we need to ask ourselves is not what will give us money, but what makes me feel alive? What makes me Live? How does my heart feel with the choices I’ve made?
The answer always comes as a feeling in your body. What is marvellous, is when you trust your feelings and body, get rooted in it, attend the place of your soul more frequently and are aware that all answers are spontaneous and natural, and that nobody can answer these questions but you; you start discovering the inner master. Today I prepared a guided meditation, there is no need to wait: fulfilment and success is a matter of internal work.

Meditation in English will be available soon.

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